The city of Eskilstuna was the center of the hardware industry in Sweden. Eskilstuna known for its metal working since the second half of the 17th century. As early as in the 18th century, standard fittings were produced and sold throughout Sweden. The hand forging was industrialized from the middle of the 19th century and a number of small metal factories were set up for the mechanical production of different types of builder’s hardware.

Eskilstuna Kulturbeslag AB,

however, wants to carry on the old traditions of Eskilstuna as an iron manufacturing town. We therefore continue, where many of our predecessors ended. Using their models, we are now producing the well-known fittings. We produce the fittings as they looked in the old days. Our assortment dates back to 1700 and ends around 1960. This means that we market hand forged fittings and produce factory-made products.

New products with over 100 years of history

Pull handle 5862

About 1900 – 1960
Låsfabriksaktiebolaget E A Næsman & Co N:o 862

Rosette 5436

1900 – 1940
Alb. Karlsson Metallfabriksbolag Nr 316

Door handle 5519

Brass 1880 – 1930, Nickel-plated 1895 – 1930
Sigfrid Jansson N:o 19

Pull handle 5846

Brass 1880 – 1910
Nickel-plated 1895 – 1910
Låsfabriks AB E A Næsman & Co N:o 146

Door handle 5532

Alb. Karlsson Metallfabriks AB N:o 691 förutom tryckesbrickor


Pull handle 5838

1910 to about 1950
Chinabiografen Berzelii Park 9, Stockholm A


Door handle 5515

about 1860 – 1920
Låsfabriksaktiebolaget E A Næsman & Co N:o 438

Latch 5336

1890 – 1980
Låsfabriksaktiebolaget E A Næsman & Co N:o 236

Window latch 5397

about 1900 – 1940
Låsfabriksaktiebolaget E A Næsman & Co N:o 797