Kitchen cupboard bolt 5181U

The second half of the 1930s until about 1961
Albert Karlsson Metallfabriksbolag “Ticka Standard”

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Kitchen cupboard bolt 5181U




Albert Karlsson Metallfabriksbolag "Ticka Standard"



Stainless steel

Plating Kept in stock

Polished stainless steel

Recommended wood screws

Raised countersunk head 5 x 5/8" MN


1, 5 or 100 pcs with or without screw


Without striking plate. Used as a handle on cupboard doors with a different closing mechanism, e.g. magnetic locks or self-closing hinges. The cupboard bolt has no latch hook and therefore does not require a hole to be made in the door.
Placement, see 5181.
When installing drawer handles as well as cupboard bolts on painted kitchen cupboard doors, do not tighten the screws too much. It will cause the paint to crack.
Use a manual screwdriver, not a power screwdriver.