Espagnolette 5612

Låsbolaget N:o 1310

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Product name

Espagnolette 5612




Låsbolaget N:o 1310



Rods, bearings and frame hooks made of steel. Handles and hooks made of brass.

Plating with delivery time



Bar ø9 mm


Right and Left (R shown)

Recommended wood screws

Round head 6 x ¾" N. Round head 6 x 1" MN for the hook.


1 pc complete with accessories with or without screw


Only suitable for inwards swinging windows and French doors with meeting casements.
Custom-made. When ordering, specify length X or the window casement’s total height.
If the handle is not going to be positioned symmetrically, specify handle height H.
Delivered as standard assembled complete with 65 mm frame hooks and 12 mm hook. When placed on the inner cover strip, a deeper hook and longer frame hooks are required. For alternative hooks, see part no. 5694, 5695.
In case of a low threshold on French doors, frame spike 5693 can be placed in the floor, preferable to frame hooks.
When two espagnolettes are placed on top of each other (on e.g. a four-air window), a shared T-hook 5691 is used on the transom instead of double frame hooks.
For alternative frame and T-hooks, see part no. 5690, 5691.
Also available as loose parts for own cutting and assembly (not recommended except for highly skilled individuals who have their own workshop resources).