Door handle 5519

Brass 1880 – 1930, Nickel-plated 1895 – 1930
Sigfrid Jansson N:o 19

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Door handle 5519




Sigfrid Jansson N:o 19



Brass. Grip made of stained birch.

Plating Kept in stock

Untreated and nickel-plated


5519 with grip made of black-stained birch.
5519E with grip made of ebony (against delivery time).
5519A for through-attachment.
5519AE with grip made of ebony (against delivery time).

Recommended wood screws

5519, 5519E: Raised countersunk head 5 x 5/8" M/MN.
5519A, 5519AE: Through-bolt 7020 with nipple.


5519, 5519E: 1 pair with or without screws.
5519A, 5519AE: 1 pair incl. screws and nipples.


5519 och 5519E supplied with rosettes 5419, 8 mm square peg and bushing 5599 to fit both older and modern locks.
5519A and 5519AE supplied with rosettes 6405A for attachment with through-bolt and 8 mm square peg to fit modern locks.
Suitable escutcheon, see 5407 or 5407K for wood screw attachment and 5431A or 5431KA for through-attachment.
Not suitable for outdoor use, unprotected from sunlight and rain.